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            Contributing to Conservation

            Contributing to Conservation

            Leadership on a global scale.

            Through research, education, action and advocacy, Taronga is leading vital work that supports wildlife, habitats and communities across the globe.

            Find out more about how the work we do in Conservation Science, Education and Wildlife Health contributes to Taronga's vision of securing a shared future for wildlife and people.

            Conservation science

            Our team

            From observing individual animals to studying whole species, habitats and ecosystems, Taronga’s scientists and wildlife managers make pioneering discoveries each and every day.

            Current research

            Taronga scientists, partnering with other scientific agencies, bring diverse expertise to the quest for answers to some of our environment’s greatest mysteries.

            The Taronga Institute of Science and Learning

            Education and training

            The Taronga Institute of Science and Learning is a world-class facility where our teams can advance scientific investigation and deliver proven outcomes that work in the real world.

            For the first time, Taronga’s scientists have been brought together in a collaborative environment where they can conduct their research using state-of-the-art facilities and interact with students of all ages, inspiring a new generation of conservation scientists.?

            Wildlife health

            Taronga Wildlife Hospitals

            Taronga's Wildlife Hospitals are responsible for maintaining the health of the animals in our care, and provide treatment and rehabilitation for injured Australian wildlife.?

            Taronga Registry for Wildlife Health

            The Australian Registry of Wildlife Health (The Registry) is a dedicated research program that investigates the health and disease of both free ranging and captive wildlife.

            Bull Shark
            Bull Shark

            Australian Shark Attack File

            The Australian Shark Attack File is the longest continual research project that Taronga supports that?records?shark encounters in Australia, and is maintained by a small number of dedicated Taronga team members since 1984.

            View file
            Bull Shark