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            Taronga Wildlife Hospitals

            Taronga Wildlife Hospitals

            Centres of excellence in the care, rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife

            Taronga’s two Wildlife Hospitals, at Taronga Zoo Sydney and Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo, are responsible for maintaining the health of the animals in our care. Both hospitals also play an important role in treating and rehabilitating wildlife brought in by the public, assisting close to 1,400 wildlife cases every year.

            The expertise of the Taronga team, comprising of professionals with decades of experience in their fields and the only full-time Zoo Veterinary Pathologist and Zoo Nutritionist, allows the Taronga Wildlife Hospitals to deliver first class care to a wide range of Australian and exotic animals.

            Our wildlife conservation and health teams have taken the science of animal medicine and husbandry beyond the care for our animals, and are now delivering cutting edge conservation and animal welfare interventions in the wild. Our hospital teams conduct vital research and take action to contribute to wildlife welfare and conservation in Australia and around the world.
            Our teams also support priority species recovery programs and provide inter-agency support to state and federal government departments. Taronga’s unique expertise allows us to play an important role in biosecurity, conservation interventions and animal welfare across globally. Since 2013 Taronga has assisted state and federal enforcement agencies in assessing and caring for over 480 confiscated animals.
            The combination of exceptional veterinary expertise and cutting-edge research allows Taronga to continue to be a leader in wildlife health and rehabilitation.