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            University of Sydney Degree Programs

            University of Sydney Degree Programs

            Taronga-University of Sydney Alliance: Conservation through education

            The University of Sydney and Taronga Conservation Society Australia share a commitment to creating transformative education programs. Our aim is to provide students with skills and expertise in conservation vital to securing a healthy future for wildlife and people. Our innovative alliance enables students to study a Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Taronga Wildlife Conservation) or Master of Education (Taronga Conservation Education).?

            The bachelor’s degree and master’s programs provide students with unparalleled opportunities to develop skills and expertise in achieving conservation outcomes. Students will be taught by dedicated researchers and practitioners from Taronga and by leading academics from the University’s Faculty of Science and School of Education and Social Work. Classes will take place the University of Sydney’s Camperdown and Camden campuses and at the new Taronga Institute of Science & Learning at Taronga Zoo in Sydney. The first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, the Taronga Institute will form a gateway for students to access the wider Zoo campus, providing authentic, interactive learning opportunities in an environment of working science.

              Caring for Corroboree Frogs
              Caring for Corroboree Frogs

              Students will undertake experiential learning and gain exposure to conservation in action. Our new courses will establish vital links between theory and practice: Taronga science and education case studies will form a framework for learning focused on responding to complex conservation challenges by uniting expertise from various disciplines.

              For more information, please visit the course pages on the University of Sydney’s website: ? ?