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            OOSH and Vacation Care

            OOSH and Vacation Care


            Experience a wild educational excursion like no other that gives students the chance to come face to face with animals and their environments while soaking in information?about what we can all do to make a difference for the wild!

            OOSH and Vacation Care groups can enjoy?a?self-guided visit?or choose to add on an animal experience.

            What's involved

            OOSH and Vacation Care groups can make bookings at both?Taronga Zoo Sydney?and?Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo. See below for further information.

            Self-guided visits

            Enjoy?all?Taronga has to offer from Keeper talks to animal feeds and more. Meet and learn about over 350 species and immerse yourself in a new and exciting learning opportunity around every corner.

            Taronga Zoo SydneyTaronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo

            Check the Daily Timetable so you don't?miss what?will be on?at Taronga Zoo Sydney during your visit.

            Check the Daily Timetable so you don't miss what will be on at Taronga Western Plains Zoo during your visit.

            Self-guided visits include standard Zoo Entry access only.

            Animal experiences

            Get up close with an?animal experience led by a Taronga team member?where students engage in an intimate session meeting?fascinating native Australian animals. Learn?about their individual?roles in the environment and their unique features and adaptations that help them thrive in the wild.?

            This interactive experience not only gives students the opportunity to?meet and learn about a wide variety of extraordinary animals and their unique personalities, but also encourages students and teachers?to participate and discover how they can?make a difference for the survival of each wonderful creature.?