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            Zoomobile for the Community

            Zoomobile for the Community

            Whether you’re a pre-school, childcare, vacation care, aged care or a business, we can complement your own program or event by bringing the Zoo to you with the Taronga Sydney Zoomobile. A Zoomobile visit provides the opportunity to go nose to nose with native Australian animals while learning about the roles of wildlife in the environment.

            Zoomobile is back - virtually!

            The Taronga Zoomobile is currently operating with a temporary amended Zoomobile program.

            The safety and well-being of the community, staff, and animals is always our highest priority. Following the latest advice from NSW Health and the Taronga Work Health and safety Team, we are currently implementing new COVID safe procedures for visiting venues.

            Alternatively, we can now offer you a virtual animal experience! Contact the zoomobile team today to enquire?about meeting our wonderful animals digitally.


            Digital Animal Workshop

            From the one-of-a-kind immersive Habitat Classrooms within the Taronga Institute of Science & Learning, your group will engage in an exclusive, intimate session, meeting fascinating animals via video link. Learn about roles of wildlife in the environment and their unique features that help them survive.

            Animal encounters

            During a Zoomobile visit we will deliver an interactive experience tailored to your needs, bringing a wide variety of unique and wonderful Australian animals for you to meet such as Ink the Black Headed Python, Spike the Echidna and Puff the Bearded Dragon. Participants will take part in individual animal encounters and discover how they can help make a difference for the survival of these intriguing creatures.

            Animals of the dreaming

            This inspiring program combines two fascinating aspects of Australia – native animals and the Dreamtime. This program is delivered by Brewarrina Elder, Colin Hardy OAM, a highly respected Aboriginal elder and supported by our Indigenous Zoo staff.

            Read more about?Animals of the dreaming.

            Animal display

            Perfect for community events, a Zoomobile animal display is a great way for individuals or small groups to informally learn about Australian wildlife. A minimum of two Taronga Sydney Zoo staff set up tables and enclosures for guests to view a selection of animals and answer questions throughout the display period (up to four hours). Where appropriate, Zoo staff may facilitate closer encounters with a few of the animals throughout the display.

            Animal displays can be set up indoors or outdoors. The space requirements are 3x3m for the display and 5x4m for the Zoomobile van (must be next to display if outdoors, or next to the entry of the building if indoors). The Zoomobile provides everything needed for the display including marquee, tables, and display equipment, with no requirement for power.?


            We appreciate that businesses will have many special requests and requirements for a Zoomobile visit, so please get in touch with us to discuss your needs.?