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            Youth at the Zoo

            Youth at the Zoo

            Taronga’s Youth at the Zoo program (YATZ) gives teens the opportunity to learn more about how our Zoos operate, develop skills for the future and spend time with like-minded people who share a passion for animals and conservation.

            The program, proudly supported by Boral, is open to teens aged 13 – 19 years old. Members will have the opportunity to take part in a range of training programs, volunteer their time with our Guest Services team or at Special Events, take part in campaigns, interact with Zoo guests, attend Social Nights and so much more.?


            The YATZ program does not guarantee anytime with keepers or animals and cannot be used as hours towards TAFE or TTI courses in Animal Husbandry.

            As our YATZ get older they can even put up their hand for additional responsibilities like training for our overnight programs, or becoming a Leader or Mentor for younger YATZ. ?

            Members will develop important skills in communication, both in person and via email as they manage their availability?with the YATZ Coordinator via our online Volunteer Management System called Volgistics.?

            How to apply

            Due to the popularity of the program, applications are opened twice yearly, in May and November.?To receive information about the next round of applications, you must?first join the waitlist for the Sydney or Dubbo program.?

            Sydney applications

            • Please use the Expression of Interest?form on this?page to add your name to the Expressions of Interest list for the November 2020?intake. Please note this allows us to contact you and invite you to apply at a later date and is not?a wait list or confirmed application

            Sydney expressions of interest?- please complete and submit the form to apply.

            Dubbo applications

            • Please email the YATZ Coordinator directly at yatz@zoo.nsw.gov.au to inquire and please mention “Taronga Western Plains Zoo” in the subject line

            NOTE: You are more than welcome to join the waitlist to apply if you are under 13, but you must be 13 years of age or older when you apply.?

            Tanmay Tells All

            Newsletters for Boral YATZ members, by a YATZ.

            Tanmay is a 20-year old member of our Boral YATZ program completing a 12 week Internship provided by Autism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT): supporting people on the autism spectrum.?

            Tanmay is passionate about wildlife and conservation and has previously written blogs for Greenpeace Australia. Tanmay has been interviewing keepers and discovering the secrets of some of Taronga’s favourite species.

            Latest edition

            Read previous editions

            Boral YATZ member, Tanmay.
            Boral YATZ member, Tanmay.